Personal Injury Lawyer & Criminal Defense Attorney Hampton NH


Clients quite correctly are concerned about the rising costs of legal services. We recognize those concerns and have taken steps to limit fees whenever possible.

Most personal injury cases can be handled on a contingency basis - that is, no fee unless there is a recovery. Some cases can allow a recovery for attorney fees on top of other sums that might be due. Other cases are handled on a straight hourly basis with a refundable retainer, due in advance.

Most business litigation cases are handled on an hourly fee basis; with a refundable retainer due in advance.

Many criminal cases are handled on a flat fee basis. The client is assured that he/she will have a predetermined cost in order to fully handle the client's legal problem to completion.

We will try to accommodate our clients' needs in each possible case. All cases will have a written fee agreement, which will spell out all of the terms and conditions of representation. Please call or email for a fee quote.