Personal Injury Lawyer & Criminal Defense Attorney Hampton NH


Attorney Gillen is an experienced trial lawyer who has tried hundreds of criminal and civil cases in the District, Superior and Federal Courts in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Attorney Gillen's court appearances are primarily in Rockingham County New Hampshire and Essex County Massachusetts although Attorney Gillen regularly appears in most District and Superior Courts in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern and Central New Hampshire.

Attorney Gillen takes his professional oath seriously. Attorney Gillen' s father was a practicing lawyer for over sixty-five years. "One of the many valuable lessons my father taught me as a person and as a lawyer is that: 'your word is your bond. ' I've earned the respect of many professionals in the court system as well as my clients by dealing honestly and directly with them. I never guarantee the results of any case that I take for a client but I make every client the promise: I will do the very best I can for you."